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Mentoring Tips When Online Mentoring:

1.  Be prepared just as you would be in an in-person session.  Read our mentoring preparation page.

2.  When you can, translate important documents you wish to share with your mentor into PDF format. 
(PDF format is easily read by most computers).  Email documents in advance of your session to your mentor.

3.  Respect your mentor's time
and be ready at the mutually agreed upon time.

4.  Find a quiet place where you will not be distracted while on the phone, on Skype, etc. 

5.  Organize files on your computer
so you can find things quickly, email documents quickly, and/or take notes during the mentoring session.

6.  Follow-up with your mentor as he/she may request.

Grow Online With Small Business Counseling

About Online Small Business Mentoring

Small business mentoring online is a great approach when you need mentoring and the following situations may apply:

  • you're far enough away from a SCORE office that travel is inconvenient, costly, or difficult
  • you can't counsel during reasonable work times
  • you need expertise that is not available in your local SCORE chapter
  • you're moving to a different location and want to establish a relationship with SCORE in the new location
  • you simply want the convenience of mentoring out of your own office
  • you have documents that are cumbersome to share online

Even in the days of web cams, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google Applications there is something to be said for sitting across the table and talking sincerely about your business, your dreams, and your problems.  You might try at least the first mentoring session face-to-face (or in-person) if you can manage to get to a SCORE office or meet with SCORE locally.  Then move to email and online methods with the mentor that you have developed a rapport with.

If that is not possible or you want to start online from day one, here is an approach that will work.  This approach is for online mentoring only:

  • Register for mentoring with SCORE using either the First Time Visitor or Returning Visitor options.  This process will collect basic information from you allowing SCORE to help.
  • Then go to  To the right of the blue area near the top, you will see drop down boxes to select a state, or to enter a keyword about what you wish to be counseled on.  Make your selections and click on "Go". See Figure 1 below.
  • A page of results will be returned that has numerous volunteer mentors for the area you selected.  You may select the "
    Learn More About .... option to view the mentor's bio.  Or you may select the mentor of your choice to proceed to the next step. Should you view mentors' bios, you can pick the mentor of your choice right from their bio page.
  • Another form will appear as indicated by the image Figure 2 below.  Complete the form.  The mentor will receive your request for mentoring and will have 48 hours to reply to you.  You will then mutually agree on a mentoring time.
  • If the mentor you selected is unable to counsel you, you will receive email notification to select another mentor. Just repeat the process and make another mentor selection.
Selecting an Area & Topic for Counseling Providing Information for Your Selected Counselor
Figure 1. Selecting an Area & Topic Figure 2. Providing Input to the Mentor
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