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How to Become a  Northern Illinois SCORE Client

If you are having trouble registering as a Northern IL SCORE Client, use one of the two methods below to contact us. 

Method #1

Pick up the phone and call us at 815-962-0122.  We are usually in our office mornings 5 days a week.  Leave a message if we're not there.  We'll get back to you.
At the very beginning of our first Face-to-Face meeting with us, we'll create an online CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) account for you.  It's totally FREE!

Method #2

Fill our our form online at www.NorthernIllinoisScore.org.  We only need a few pieces of information.  Click here to go to the form!
Before you meet the first time with us, we'll create an online CRM account for you.  It's totally FREE!


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